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Open letter from WMG Founder Maya Friedler to Lauren Enriquez and the New York Times

March 3rd, 2017 by admin

Your editorial “Pro-life but left out” suggests that feminism or the definition of feminism as seen in the Women’s March “had a fatal chink in the armor of the new feminist resistance movement.” For many of us the right to control our own bodies and life cycles has always been the centrality of our definition of feminism. Pro-life has frequently meant pro-death. Contraception and abortion have saved women all over the world. We do not challenge your moral commitment to God. You sound wonderful in your activism, but you suggest we are not inclusive. We have never been monolithic, and we have invited all races and religions. We support love non-violence and inclusiveness. We have never challenged your right not to use contraception or abortion. God concepts vary as much as feminist concepts. My belief in the right to control my body does not challenge my God concept; it certainly does not give that right to politicians. You claim the rights to “preborn children.” I claim the rights for all women and men who are alive regardless of their gender choices or sexual preferences. You sound like a wonderful person and your values resonate with a brighter future for women. When you describe the right to demand your power I hope you include my right to my path as a feminist. You were not excluded from the Women’s March. You were outnumbered by men and women with another definition of feminism.

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Donald Trump’s War On Women and Pro-Death Edicts

January 27th, 2017 by admin

Thank you Nicholas Kristof for bringing accuracy to Donald Trump’s new edicts and war on women. You write that presumably Trump thought his policy would reduce abortions and was thus “pro life.” In fact, this is actually a “pro death” approach that increases abortion as well as deaths among women. You go on to say in 2001 when George Bush imposed a more limited version of this policy, 16 developing countries lost shipment of contraceptives from the US and that the victims are among “the most voiceless, powerless people in the world.” You write, “President Trump, you may think you are pro-life and preventing abortions but that’s a lie or a delusion.” The women and men who were at the Women’s March know this and we will not accept pro-death edicts.

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Dear Donald Trump….

September 27th, 2016 by admin

Dear Donald Trump,
You have repeatedly asked Hillary Clinton the question, “Where have you been for the last 30 years?” WMG and the Feminist Lens knows where she has been. She has been in the trenches working for women and children. She has been finding changes that help us toward strength. She has not worked in a vacuum on foreign policy, but has worked collaboratively with people and countries to help shape world policy. Where have you been been for the last 30 years? Working alone or with sycophants growing your business with success and failures. Your voice is not one that participated in peace or on improving the lives of others.
Yours Truly,
Maya Friedler
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In The Wake of the Co. Springs Planned Parenthood Shooting

December 7th, 2015 by admin

Women's Media Group | Pro-Choice

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We must all realize how fraudulent the “Right to Life” language is. Personal Pac reminds us that “In the last 25 years 8 doctors who provide abortion care have been gunned down and health care centers that provide abortion care have been bombed, burnt down and destroyed, medical staff have lost limbs, have been blinded and killed…It’s a violent war against medical providers who help women in their greatest time of need.” It’s ironic that these violent pro-lifers claim to support life, yet perpetuate their agenda through killing. It is ironic that in the name of life, they take the life of a fully-formed, breathing, laughing, loving human being.

Pro Life rhetoric must be heard for what it is: claiming to be God’s will insights violence. Pro Choice protects everyone’s rights–not only babies and fetuses, but also women. We do not fight with women and men who make the choice to be against abortion if their God tells them it is wrong. When our religion or culture does not have that mandate, we protect your right to choose. The right to have an abortion is a right and a choice.
–Maya Friedler, WMG Executive Director
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