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Donald Trump’s War On Women and Pro-Death Edicts

January 27th, 2017 by admin

Thank you Nicholas Kristof for bringing accuracy to Donald Trump’s new edicts and war on women. You write that presumably Trump thought his policy would reduce abortions and was thus “pro life.” In fact, this is actually a “pro death” approach that increases abortion as well as deaths among women. You go on to say in 2001 when George Bush imposed a more limited version of this policy, 16 developing countries lost shipment of contraceptives from the US and that the victims are among “the most voiceless, powerless people in the world.” You write, “President Trump, you may think you are pro-life and preventing abortions but that’s a lie or a delusion.” The women and men who were at the Women’s March know this and we will not accept pro-death edicts.

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