In The Wake of the Co. Springs Planned Parenthood Shooting

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We must all realize how fraudulent the “Right to Life” language is. Personal Pac reminds us that “In the last 25 years 8 doctors who provide abortion care have been gunned down and health care centers that provide abortion care have been bombed, burnt down and destroyed, medical staff have lost limbs, have been blinded and killed…It’s a violent war against medical providers who help women in their greatest time of need.” It’s ironic that these violent pro-lifers claim to support life, yet perpetuate their agenda through killing. It is ironic that in the name of life, they take the life of a fully-formed, breathing, laughing, loving human being.

Pro Life rhetoric must be heard for what it is: claiming to be God’s will insights violence. Pro Choice protects everyone’s rights–not only babies and fetuses, but also women. We do not fight with women and men who make the choice to be against abortion if their God tells them it is wrong. When our religion or culture does not have that mandate, we protect your right to choose. The right to have an abortion is a right and a choice.
–Maya Friedler, WMG Executive Director

Posted by on Monday, December 7, 2015