Re: “Feminism poses threat to watching the football”

This letter is in response to a recent article in the Chicago Tribune by Rex W. Huppke.

Here is an excerpt:

“Nice try, ladies. Women make up about 50 percent of the U.S. population and I’m supposed to believe they’re OK with filling only 19 percent of the seats in the Senate and House of Representatives? Yeah, right.

You see what’s going on here, guys? By limiting their own pay and stubbornly refusing to rise to positions of leadership, women are preserving the inequality myth so they can continue to keep men from watching football, shooting guns and discriminating against women.”

Dear Mr. Huppke,

We want to thank you for your article recognizing the “threat of feminism” as a major threat to becoming a “real man.”  You have written outside of the prism of old definitions that define women and men.  We were excited by your rebuttal to “what feminism has delivered us is angry women and feminine men.”

The men and women who support us, The Women’s Media Group and our Award-winning radio show “The Feminist Lens” which airs on WFMT Fine Arts Radio, acknowledge the diversity of voices being heard from both men and women.  The one claim we make is that more women than men are peacemakers.  That claim comes from the disproportionate suffering by women and children in times of war.

Coincidentally, on the same day your article appeared, it was reported in the New York Times, by Adam Nossiter, that Catherine Simba-Panza had been elected interim president of the Central African Republic.  The article stated that, “as a woman [Simba-Panza] understands the suffering of the people, and as a woman, she will not tolerate this blood letting.”

Thank you!  On the same day as a woman was chosen to lead, you brought humor and facts to the feminist perspective.  All over the world women and men who believe in social change are raising their voices.  Now, please excuse us, we’re off to watch a football game.

Very truly yours,
Maya Friedler and Marilyn Campbell
Producers, The Feminist Lens

Posted by on Tuesday, February 11, 2014