A Response to Hephzibah Anderson’s Review of Stiletto Network

Thank you, Hephzibah Anderson, for your thoughtful review of Pamela Rickman’s book Stiletto Network.

In Stiletto Network, the word feminist is called “that dowdy f-word” which does a disservice to many activists, historians and journalists including all the feminists of the 60s and 70s.  The word has resonance with many activists working for women’s equality and combatting violence against women.
The Feminist Lens, a radio program produced by the Women’s Media Group, respects the diversity of organizations and individuals who are working toward the same goals.  We celebrate the diversity of women, whether they wear oxfords or stilettos — although a good number of women find stilettos uncomfortable, ruinous to our feet, and a hinderance to our balance. We embrace the collective voices of all men and women who challenge the status quo.
About the book, Hephzibah Anderson writes:
“But after she’s compiled inspiring examples of women’s brains, creativity and moxie, it’s a shame Ryckman defines femininity almost exclusively through heel and hairstyles.”
The word feminist has inspired men and women working for social change for decades and we should never belittle their work.

~Maya Friedler, Women’s Media Group

Posted by on Wednesday, May 29, 2013