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The Feminist Lens–Even a Woman Can Open It!

December 7th, 2012 by admin

XOX-The Suffragettes

December 6th, 2012 by admin

While reading The Guardian, I came across this jewel about to come up for auction.  An autograph album dating back to 1909 with writings by English feminist icons and suffragettes including Sylvia Pankhurst, a fierce campaigner for the suffragist movement.

“Bravely and willingly we bear our share of the world’s burdens. Why then deny us the right to vote which would dignify our labour and increase our power of service?”

Sylvia wrote.



Other signatories in the album include: Helen Archdale, Sarah Benett, Hilda Burkitt, Charlotte Despard and Kitty Marion, who wrote:

“The greatest enemy to freedom is not the tyrant, but the contented slave.”

This little book gives a rare and personal glimpse at the day to day struggles these women had to fight along with changing the world.

“Many of these women not only faced imprisonment but social contempt from family and friends as well as the public at large. The passion of conviction shines through these many quotations, many of which were written from Winson Green prison in Birmingham while on hunger strike. This prompted the brutal use of force-feeding and what became known as the ‘Cat and Mouse Act’ where weakened hunger-strikers were released from prison only to be re-arrested to continue their sentence once they had recovered their health.”

Certainly a fantastic piece of history and a sobering reminder of where we came from and how much harder we need to fight. Take a moment to peruse the writing and photographs here.

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