Breaking the Silence Premiere!

The Feminist Lens Presents the World Premiere of:

“Breaking the Silence”

Originally aired on WFMT October13th, 2012 @ 6:30pm CDT

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“Breaking the Silence” was written by Marilyn Campbell and Maya Friedler. The Feminist Lens is a production of Women’s Media Group, Inc. Maya Friedler, Executive Producer and recorded in cooperation with WFMT Fine Arts Radio, Chicago; Steve Robinson,Vice President; Peter Whorf, Program Director; Don Mueller, Production Manager. Produced by Maya Friedler; Hosted by Marilyn Campbell; Audio Production and Audio Editing by Cat Jarboe; Directed by Allan Nowakowski; Sound Engineering by Josh Savageau. Guest speakers heard on Breaking the Silence are Shannon Matesky and Anne Ream.

This program is made possible with support from: Evelyn Salk, and Robert Neems, with much appreciation. Special thanks to: Milos Stehlik of Facets Multi-Media and the producers of “The Invisible War”

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Here’s what people are saying about “Breaking the Silence”

“Listening to the Feminist Lens program right now –

Astounding!  Such powerful voices – every story, poem, and song is deeply sad, haunting, piercingly melancholy and I have been moved to tears.

I pray that all who listen to this show are compelled to continue to stand strong, and create powerful testimony.

Programs like this are inspirational.

Each story went right to my heart, and the way in which they were weaved together with the music had a profound impact in the way that I heard, felt and saw the devastating impact of rape and abuse.

I will share this link.

…Thank you!

~Janet Goldblatt Holmes, member of The Voices and Faces Project – Canada




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