Seeking Sylvia

It always amazes us how the Chicago Tribune can consistently ignore Nicole Hollander and her comic sidekick Sylvia.


In the article  “Women in Comics and the Tricky Art of Equality” reprinted by the Tribune July 25, 2012, reporter Noelene Clark uses a quote from Bobbie Chase, editorial director for DC comics. How ironic for her to say:

“We’re pursuing people all the time who could be new voices for comic books, but it’s still going to be a predominantly male industry. I don’t think that has to change, but we can certainly make a much better balance.”

We say: What about more veteren cartoonists who have delighted and informed a loyal following like Nicole Hollander?

When the Tribune dropped Nichole, there was a significant outrage from our community. The fact that Noelene Clark did not mention her among other female artists and writers in a story that ran in the Chicago Tribune is more than an oversight it is an outrage.

-WMG Chicago’s Executive Director Maya Friedler

Women’s Media Group would like to thank Nicole for sharing her work on this, our little website. Thank you for all you do Nicole!



Posted by on Friday, July 27, 2012