WMG responds to Slutwalk Offers outlet for dressing down of perception

It’s their turn to make their ways in the world. What will their lives look like? What will feminism be for them?… I think the conversations are in good hands.

Chicago Tribune Opinion Column features an article by Barbara Brotman. Women’s Media Executive Director Maya Friedler responds:

Dear Barbara,
The Feminist Lens Team, who produce a radio series airing on WFMT Fine Arts Radio for Women’s Media Group, want to congratulate you on today’s commentary:
Slutwalk Offers outlet for dressing down of perception, (6/06 Tribune).

You presented a wonderful exchange of the inter-generational conversation that is now being held about the word “feminism” and the actions it inspires. Neither the old feminist, nor the young feminist, can rely on others to define us. We must co-operate to identify ourselves.

Congratulations again,
Maya Friedler
Executive Director Women’s Media Group


Posted by on Monday, June 6, 2011