The International Manifesto of Women

The International Manifesto of Women

Drawn up by the International Woman Suffrage Alliance and
delivered to the British Foreign Office, August 7, 1914

WE, the women of the world, view with apprehension and dismay the present situation in Europe which threatens to involve one continent, if not the whole world, in the disasters and horrors of war.

WE, realizing our responsibilities as the mothers of the race, cannot stand passively by.  Powerless though we are politically,

WE, call upon the Governments and Powers of our several countries to avert this threatened unparalleled disaster.

WE, find ourselves on the brink of the almost unbearable position of seeing all that we most reverence and treasure, the home, the family, the race, subjected not merely to risks, but to certain and extensive damage which we are powerless to avert.  Whatever its result the conflict will leave mankind the poorer and will set back civilization.

WE, the women of twenty‑six countries, having banded ourselves together in the International Women’s Suffrage Alliance appeal to you to leave untried no method of conciliation or arbitration for arranging international differences which may help to avert deluging half the civilized world in blood.

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