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As we prepare to air our New Year’s Show
Who’s Counting: A Toast to Ageless Women
here are a few thoughts…
“I think an ageless woman relishes her wholeness!!
I think an ageless woman serves her own tranquility and never stops
evolving, never stops learning about herself.
Ageless for me is just that, without age. I think that as a society,
we misunderstand what age means all the time. We have become so
wrapped up in the idea (and not reality) of youth, that we miss the
true beauty of life. We don’t quite get it that age and time are
concepts that have settled in our minds.”
-Marilyn Campbell, Host of The Feminist Lens

“As the resident “old woman” of the Feminist Lens, I have the privilege of offering advice. I now find myself surprised when young people even older people defer to me — giving me seats, calling me grandma or becoming patronizing. I wonder, “how do they know I’m so old?” I know because every ache and pain has me wondering “is this it?!” As an old woman I carry all of the stages of womanhood within me. Maiden-Mother-Crone. They are not lost at all.”
– Maya Friedler, Executive Producer, The Feminist Lens

Posted by on Friday, December 3, 2010